Sunday, September 10, 2006


Maripa hates her room mate and wants her out. So she was telling me about this situation the other day and I asked a couple questions about price and that sort of stuff. I'm always looking for new move out prospects (which my mom usually nay says to me about.). So then she asked if I was serious about moving out. I said I would like to, but I couldn't get the money together until atleast december. And that I didn't want to move out til' after the holidays. She said Janurary would be cool and just let her know mid december if I can or not. The place is cool. The living room is huge, balcony, the kitchen is tiny, but I don't cook. I also get the master bedroom too. Tizight. Plus out on the balcony the view reminds me of my old neighborhood (you can see the freeway and some old buildings like my neighborhood in Van Nuys). I'll keep ya guys posted with updates!