Monday, February 13, 2006

Labor Day Texas Style!Whew! What a long weekend! We had a house full of company from Friday, until late yesterday afternoon. My dad, stepmom, brother, sister in law, niece, 2 aunts, 1 uncle and several of their kids, spouses and their children all crammed into our house for the weekend! Twenty one people...including us! We all had a really great time, but geesh, I felt like I was feeding an army of starved Indians all weekend. My dad brought his RV and parked it out back so that helped a bit with sleeping arrangements and we popped a few tents too!We spent most of Saturday and Sunday barbecuing! MMMMM...My fav! Did a little boating. A few did some water skiing and fishing. We had six kiddos here ranging from age 2 to 13. Thank god only two are mine or I'd have run away from home! They were a lot of fun, but not so much fun when they're aggravating each other to death!My dad and Hunk Daddy went shopping for building materials this weekend. Next weekend they and a few others are building a horse barn and stables. They brought back a huge galvanized water trough for the horse pen and a number of the kids ended up swimming it in most of the weekend!What can I say? We are from Texas and hicks will act like hicks at every given opportunity!