Friday, March 03, 2006

Well for some time one speaks about Chicoungounia.
The recent phenomenon is thought, but not, one speaks in the living rooms réunionnais that that goes back to 2004.At the beginning, one did not take with serious the this disease says the drass, you know the drass, it is them which had not taken with serious the heat wave…
One can say that the drass and these leaders are reactive like a commodore 5000 (computers of the prehistoric surface).
Once again this organization of state is below all. They are poor people, who do not do absolutely anything, and who await their retirements, in the absolute trouble, by having the impression, to do their work well it is theirs characteristic.
As well as Burgos judge, all these civils servant people, with the service of the state have inward conviction to do their work well!!! They do not risk really anything since in the event of catastrophe they will be transferred to a higher station.
It is funny (it is an expression) the former minister for the health, which did not react to the catastrophe of the heat wave took the head of the red cross, like that without decency, with its dark abnegation of poor.
The red cross this fact a duty of engaging leaders who trail enormous pans (see the miss responsible but not guilty.)
The only positive thing that I find on their premises, they is when they is occupied of occupational medicine, they announce to you that you is sick leave quiet you are cured it is inevitably an error of diagnosis…